Responsibilities for Events are as follows:

Help with the organisation of all New Street Records events for both the label and for individual artists involving tasks such as:
-Coming up with and developing new and exciting ideas for events
-Sourcing and booking bands/entertainment
-Sourcing locations and booking venues
-Ensuring we have the right equipment and decoration for the event
-Ensuring there are enough members of staff to execute the event
-Helping decide on ideal dates for events as well as ticket pricing and payment options
-Promoting our events alongside Marketing & PR
-Forging relationships with venues and be a good representative for the label in all correspondence
-Sourcing sponsorship for our events
-Working well with other members of the Events team and other departments in order to complete tasks
-Working with University societies

Help with the execution of events involving tasks such as:
-Setting up venues
-Stage management
-Setting up merchandise stands and selling merchandise


Responsibilities for Marketing are as follows:

-Help with the marketing and advertising campaigns for New Street Records events and artists including:
-Producing creative ideas for marketing campaigns
-Creation of marketing materials, for example event posters and t-shirts
-Conducting market research as and when needed
-Work closely with PR and Digital Marketing to ensure a harmonised brand image
-Working closely with artists on branding i.e. logo, artwork, online presence and publicity activities


Responsibilities will include:
-Directing, shooting and editing of videos both for the label and for individual artists including promotional videos, music videos, acoustic covers and materials for the New Street Records Youtube channel.
-Be prepared with suitable equipment and knowledge at each shoot i.e. anticipating the visual needs: angles, lighting ect.
-Filming events if required to do so i.e. launch parties and gigs
-Work closely with Photography to ensure brand image is consistent
-Working closely with artists to create the image they want to portray


Responsibilities will include:
-Monitor and update the website in order to keep it fresh and professional, including redesigning if required
-Helping to come up with content for the website and ensuring it encompasses regular updates on the label
-Working with Marketing, PR and Graphic Design to organise content and include all relevant information, graphics and branding elements
-Monitoring the e-mail addresses

Human Resources

Responsibilities will include:
-Working with other members of the HR team to devise recruitment strategies
-Building relationships between all team members at New Street Records i.e. arranging socials, assisting with any people problems, bridging the gap between departments and ensuring everyone is communicating effectively
-Organising training sessions if required
-Helping to create job descriptions
-Assisting with interviews for new recruits and assigning job roles
-Create volunteering contracts together with Legal
-Taking turns with other members of the HR team to take the minutes at meetings

Artists & Repertoire

Responsibilities may include:
-Helping to source artists including attending local gigs and listening to demos
-Advise on selection of artists
-Work with Production to record artists LP’s and EP’s
-Being an artist manager and liaising between Artist and label. Artist managers are responsible for attending meetings with the Artist, Marketing, Graphic Design, PR and Digital Marketing in order to create individual branding and an activity plan for the artist. Other responsibilities include contacting festivals, events, etc. in order to secure gigs for the Artist.
-Assist with creation of set-lists.

Digital Marketing

Responsibilities may include:
-Helping to build and maintain audiences on New Street Records’ online platforms, including social media.
-Organising and creating content in conjunction with Graphic Design and Videography, both directly for marketing New Street -Records activities, and indirectly to supplement engagement with consumers online.
-Developing ideas for marketing campaigns alongside Marketing and PR
Working with artists to boost their online presence.


Responsibilities will include:
-Paying out royalties to artists through the company bank account
-Ensuring consistent updating of cash-flows
-Working with Company Directors to create budgets
-Sending statutory reports and annual returns to Companies House
-Organising tax returns and sending them to HMRC

Graphic Design

Responsibilities will include:
-Creating graphic design elements for: website and promotional material such as posters and social media outlets
-Creating artist branding logos
-Creating album artwork
-Working alongside artists to ensure their personal taste and requirements are met
-Working alongside Marketing to ensure branding is cohesive


Responsibilities will include:
-Creation of Artist contracts to sign the Artist to the label
-Creation of Volunteering contracts and contracts for clarified positions working alongside Directors and HR
-Clarification of legal rights with regards to online distribution
-Clarification of licensing processes and rights of the songs produced by artists
-Obtaining any licensing required for events/safety of public and NSR volunteers
-Carrying out risk assessments for events


Responsibilities include:
-Shooting and editing of all photography based needs for the label or Artists i.e. headshots of the team, photographing any gigs and events we may put on, photoshoots for artists.
-Ensuring photos are ready for use with a quick turn around
-Ensuring photos are of a high standard, professional and fit the brief
-Working with relevant departments to ensure all props needed will be available on shoot
-Working with artists to ensure their preferences are met for personal branding
-Working with Marketing, Graphic Design and Videography to ensure consistency of image and that needs are being met
-Being prepared with the correct equipment and knowledge at each shoot i.e. anticipating the visual needs: angles, lighting ect.

Public Relations

Responsibilities will include:
-Promoting both the label and artists through: writing of press releases, blogs and contacting related press (radio, print and television)
-Helping to build upon our list of contacts
-Maintaining and forging relationships with current contacts
-Tracking of all press related activities and successes
-Creating and planning PR campaigns to promote the artists/label/product to the customer alongside Marketing and Digital Marketing


Responsibilities include:
-Working with sound engineers to organise live sound for events
-Assist with live sound reinforcement at events
-Ensure that technical needs of the artists are met and a high quality of sound is delivered
-Working with artists prior to production
-Work with sound engineers at the recording studio and provide them with technical requirements prior to recording
-Helping to source and brief session musicians in accordance with artists needs
-Compose parts for session musicians
-Arrange tracks for recording
-Record parts yourself as and when required
-Advise on recording techniques